This is how the IAADS Triathlon scoring system works

Eliel Nikkola

Some have wondered how the calculation system for the IAADS Triathlon (100m, long jump, shot put) works. Here are the basics:

The calculation uses the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) outdoor decathlon (for men) and heptathlon (for women) scoring system. The difference is that you need to modify the results for athletes with Down Syndrome a bit before inserting them to the calculator:

  • 100m: Result – 3 seconds
  • Long jump: Result + 3 metres
  • Shot put: Result + 6 metres

And after that you put the results to the IAAF calculator that can be found HERE

So basically if we take Eliel Nikkola's results from T21 men's competition from Friday, it goes like this:

  • Eliel's result in 100m: 14,30 – 3 seconds = 11,30 which is 795 points
  • Eliel's result in long jump: 4,27 + 3 metres = 7,27 which is 878 points
  • Eliel's result in shot put: 8,09 + 6 metres = 14,09 which is 734 points

Combined: 2407 points.

You can find all the triathlon results from Friday HERE